One of Europe's best known Orchestras

Posted on 2015-04-24 by fp
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I have actually been growing up there and went to the public school that now houses rehersal rooms for “one of Europe’s best known Orchestras”. It is the library of my childhood, where I read through stacks of stories and probably much of my personality has been formed, that had to leave before the orchestra could took root there. But reading about it on the BBC suddenly makes all my anger wane and render into warm and fuzzy feelings.

The area actually has a very bad reputation. And when my family moved into the city centre, where, I am slightly shamed to commit, the family fitted much better into the bourgeois society there, I got friends with people who wouldn’t dare to go there — even in bright daylight. But truth be told, they don’t have a clue. Yes, there is said to be violence, but me as a kid never had to face it, aside maybe from very rare occassional playground bully.

And, I do not hope to unduly leak any information, the article as I now see it, has reduced by the editors. The missing part states that the improvements in this area are not a result of the orchestra moving there but where largely the result of social and democratic structural changes. I hope that the article gets re-edited to share that part, because that is the really fascinating story.

The whole area has been going through some very interesting societal changes while I lived there, but much more afterwards. It is not (yet) an eldorado of love, peace and happyness, but everybody wanting to see the members of the underclass claw and bite at each other for the scrubbs the privileged class would care to drop will be very much disappointed.

Well, I have no clue, maybe you find that there too, why wouldn’t you? Life is tough if you have no hope for a future and much less to loose. But the overwhelming majority has found a social cooperation that has one particular member of my family, who has been involved in all this, travel the world to tell people what has been going on there. And that is great, because any revolution that is not improving the life of the people is just exchanging one crime for another. (Very freely quoted from Etienne Cabet)