Statistics: War more popular than peace — in the Internet

Posted on 2015-10-28 by fp
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Your planet gets infested by humans and this is what you’ll get if they finally reach a technical level that allows them to communicate freely among each other: We do favour war above peace.

When asking about “war” they found that 57.3% of the search results (in english) mentioned the term „war“ in a positive context, while only 5.9% mentioned it in a negative context. The remaining 36.8% are indifferent about the murderous clash of civilisations.

I am wondering what it might look like to be “indifferent” about such a topic: “Well, this morning I woke up and I thought about going to war with my neighbours, but couldn’t wrap my head around whether I could emotionally bear to slaughter their children. Yesterday I thought it would be enjoyable, but today I am not so sure.”

But luckily there is a concept opposite to war, it is called “peace” and a whopping 48.4% of web pages mention it in a positive way. Well, that almost is a majority, especially as only 3.8% seem to mention it in a negative way, and the remainder of 47.8% of indifferent mentions is at least not higher than the positives. Although it is a depressing thought that the internet seems to favor war above peace at least slightly.

And while I keep wondering whether there is a 5.7% overlap of pages mentioning war AND peace in a positive way, I go one step further into this fascinating statistics page and click to compare war and peace and there probably is the root of what the hell is wrong with the human mind (and I have to quote the page directly): “With 98.9% of all the hits, ‘war’ is more popular than ‘peace’ and opinions are mostly positive. ‘peace’ is way less popular (1.1% of all the hits) but opinions are still mostly positive.”

We are talking much, much more about war — and most often in a positive way — than we are talking about peace. And this my fellow readers is the point where I think that this is actually a very necessary thing to finally create: World of Peacecraft — The Game to Make it Real — Inspired by John Oliver — Desperately needed by Millions — Opposed only by Dickheads.

Subscriptum: I am well aware of the fallacies of statistic, that’s why I wrote about “web pages” and “search engine hits” above. Please read the descriptions about how the data has been gathered on the referred page. You find a link to a text on linguistic interpretation there. And please make up your own mind about histograms of a search on undisclosed representants for classification of wep-contents.