Social Network Quitters 01

Posted on 2016-06-05 by lars
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It had been a funny time: for a while now I have been harvesting contacts on XING at every opportunity I got. Meaning, whenever someone contacted me I contacted as many of the proposed further contacts I could — until the page told me that I had exceeded my daily allowance of new contacts. I could, of course upgrade to an unlimited amount of new contacts for the premium fee. Well, today I had something new on my screen:

Sie haben die maximale Kontaktzahl erreicht!

This echoed so much like the old “end-of-the-internet”-pun, that I could not pass this wonderful opportunity to quit the account. XING, for me, has been mostly known for pestering me with emails that somehow where difficult to spam-filter successfully. Plus, I had never taken it very seriously in the last years, and told everybody to not assume anything from my presence there. Although, I had used my own and actual name and position as identifiers there — that probably has been the first mistake.

But I did made a sport of clicking as much as all the contacts that had been presented to me, I even searched for a few rather strange keywords to colour my profile a little more. Well, I probably grew bored of this aimless game and thus reacted in a way that you might suspect at this point of this text: Yes, I want to delete my account I quit the account. (You might notice, that the number of contacts I achieved is only given by 408, I don’t know why XING displayed the “500-contacts you are out”-message then, but I needed a bit to find the point where I could quit and in the process became determined to follow through. There might be actual people I am loosing contact to, but what kind of friend is only known to you via XING? Better to get rid of it alltogether.

Well, wait pal!

First there is the expected questionaire: Why are you leaving us?. I did not find a single reason that explained why I quit. And strangely, I wasn’t allowed to tick off more than one. But then, if you are happily working away at an office (in Hamburg, Germany I assume), you have a hard time to think of even a first reason to quit — after all you are getting paid. So you probably cannot understand why anybody would find even two or — beware — three or more reasons to leave this happy-happy place. Well, I found a third reason: it was the end of my contact list. You play a game to the end, but no further.

Rest assured I left out all the sob-story-predictions displayed all the way to the quit-button. Stories about how sad and lonely you will become and that you will never ever again find a job — because nobody will now find you on this particular brand of social network. All the more: good riddance, I should probably have done so ages ago. But then, how to get an educated opinion if not by trying? I tried, and feel only slightly more educated. In the and the only thing I get from an online social network provider is a simple interface to build an ego-page. I can do so myself — HTML is not that difficult. And I don’t think I need to provide someone I don’t know nothing about to gain control about all/most of my communication, social interaction, browsing habits, and so forth… Thus I left:

OMG You actually did delete your account, find below a list of all the things impossible now: Summary: Using XING