Read This! Seveneves

Posted on 2018-11-11 by lars
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I have read all but one book of Neal Stephenson and would gladly set up a subscription to automatically get everything he writes. I now got to read Seveneves on a round trip along the coast of the Bretagne. I travelled, living for almost three weeks acompanied by two other humans and a friendly labrador dog in a VW van. This is a comparatively crowded environment, given that October is already quite cold and partially wet and we needed to fit all bagage and most of the activities of daily live, including for example “drying clothes”. Which makes it a very fitting environment to read about living in the tight rooms of a space-station. Really, at some points I could very much relate to the characters of the book, although my outdoors meant only that the air was wet and chilly and their outdoors had no air at all. My situation thus felt somewhat similar: very limited available space inside and some discomfort when roaming outside.

But I guess the book could be read with similar delight enjoying the comforts of your couch. The book definitely is worth your while as Stephenson has — again — given us a book that attaches an interesting philosphy and plenty of science to a thrilling story. And finally, on the last pages actually, I realised that he — again — provided us with some philosophy and world view, that — again, again — I somewhat could share. At least, I guess it helps me to find the Purpose.

Thus, I guess, that in a similar way, that you have to know what a “cloister” and an “avout” is, you should will want to participate in this possible future of humanity.