Today Ah'm British

Posted on 2019-03-21 by lars
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When hiking the West-Highland-Way, somewhen in the distant past, I have been pronounced scotish while being i a very scotish state of mind — by which I mean kyeboshed outa ma mind. The guy pronouncing me thus was wearing the cliché scotish kilt of some tartan unrecognised and unremembered by me. He pronounced me thus after he invited me to a welcome-to-scotland-drink of some unknown variety of the scotish water of life and I swallowed the drink — to his amazement — not in the german way: sipping it drop by drop — but swallowing the whole dram at once. We’ll I did observe drinking manners at this most scottish of all inns at one of the most scottish places of all — the northern end of Loch Lomond — not Loch Ness, mind you, that would have been to much.

I have been presented with a pin of a golden thistle, which I have long since lost on some hike, probably in scotland. I might have been less faithful to my imaginary citizenship, returning only thrice or a wee bitty more often to this wonderful and magical part of the world. But somewhere inside of me is a boastful scotsman who occationally gets the better of me and sends me down the countryside brandishing an imaginary claymore.

But some of my students seemed to recognise a hint of a scotish accent when I relaxed during a lecture. And thus I would like to claim my citizenship for this day today if only to weight in my vote on the petition to revoke Article 50. As sad it is that a petition is needed to demand the obvious.

The referendum for Brexit has been a very shallow one, but the government is pushing this sad joke as if an overwhelming majority is constantly marching the streets demanding a separation at all costs from the European Union. While it is very likely that the referendum only went that particular way because most closet-Remainers where to lasy to attend a vote that seemed nonsenical to them. Let this be a lesson to us that there is no break in participation if you want to have a democracy. Now it is simply strange, that the citizens do not even get a say in the conclusion of the Brexit-deal, while the House of Commons is to vote a third time on the essentially same question: should Britain accept this deal.

Well, I think that is the wrong question. The question should be: Can we stop this foolishness now, revoke that friggin’ Article 50 and tell everyone in the EU that we are sorry for the confusion. The damages already stack up to a few billion pound — which might be a reason not only to revoke Article 50 but to finally accept the Euro.

Speaking as an original citizen from the EU, I have to state that the Euro is a very convenient thing, especially if you are travelling within Europe sometimes. When the whole thing started I was sitting in a hotel bar in Spain, for example. And when I returned I never had to mind currencies again, except for the times I went to the british islands. Aside from this, beyond all private conveniences, this whole collection of countries might be a mixed bag of blessings and nuissances, and we are constantly are making jokes about strange rules, feel estranged by Bruessels political processes, lack of democracy, overzealous bureacracy and the whole lot.

But just take the offer for a trade deal that the USA just proposed to Britain and compare that to the power the EU wielded during the endless discussions with the US — and you might see the advantages of being part of a strong union. After all, hasn’t this strength being the reason for unification of the british empire?

And, speaking as a european citizen again, I would rather be in a european union with you strange and spleenish brits than without you. You might be a noisy bunch, but we take this as “character” if you like. Thus, don’t be shy, rejoin and put an end to this nonsense.

Thank you, you are very welcome.